Mandragora Hostel, Budapest, Hungary ( Hotels in Budapest )

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Budapest is a classic european travel destination since decades and well known for the large amount of spas and thermal baths that can be found well distributed in the city. The hungarian capital city is also one of the cheaper cities within Europe and actually home to over 300 different hotels of all categories.

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Hotel rates in Budapest are within the affordable level at all but if you prefer to choose even more cheaper accommodation than you can book some of the hostels, guest houses or bed and breakfasts based in central Budapest. One of the hostels in Budapest we feature today is the Mandragora Hostel, conveniently located near the most important places of interest like famous museums and monuments in Budapest.

The Mandragora Hostel is located behind the National Museum of Hungary, one of the largest art museums in the country. Also the well known thermal baths located in Gellert can be easily accessed from the hostel. If you want to discover Budapest with the public transport than you can take the subway, a station is just a few minutes away.

The Mandragora Hostel has been created to attend the needs of younger travellers but there is not age limit, anybody will feel comfortable here at this hostel. Free wireless internet access is being offered here, for those who simply want to relax there are few hammocks available.

The hostel staff is very friendly and helpful, typical for hungarian hospitality, if you want to discover Budapest they will assist you with tips regarding art galleries, restaurants, tours on the Danube river and much more – just ask them at the reception.

If you want to travel to Budapest we recommend you to choose the Mandragora Hostel.


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Budapest itself is known for being a higly desired travel destination for years, specially for three different kind of travellers: those travelling on a budget, those who are seeking a romantic weekend break and finally those travelling to Budapest to get a medical treatment. Medical tourism is one of the major reasons to come to Budapest.

The hungarian capital city os often referred to be the wellness capital of Europe.
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